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Mechanical properties of woven UHMWPE fabric
 May 16, 2022|View:28

Uhmwpe has many excellent mechanical properties that other conventional molecular weight polyethylene does not have. Because of its many excellent properties, it is called "exotic plastic". The abrasion resistance of woven UHMWPE fabricis the highest, and the abrasion resistance of woven UHMWPE fabric is more than ten times that of common polyethylene. The friction coefficient is smaller than other engineering plastics, can be comparable to polytetrafluoroethylene, and is the ideal lubricating material.

woven UHMWPE fabric

The water absorption of woven UHMWPE fabric is the smallest in engineering plastics, and it has the highest impact resistance in engineering plastics at present, even 3 ~ 5 times higher than polycarbonate which is famous for its impact resistance The tensile strength and the modulus of elasticity are as high as 3 ~ 3.5 GPA and 100 ~ 125 GPA, respectively. The impact strength of Uhmwpe fiber composites is 1.8 times, 2.6 times, and 3 times that of glass fiber, aramid fiber, and carbon fiber composites respectively. The civil field is a wide field where woven UHMWPE fabric can exhibit unique properties and functions. Because of the limitation of cost and price, it is difficult to be accepted by ordinary consumers, so the development of civil applications is slow.

In recent years, with the development of technology and the further decrease of fiber cost (the price is less than 30% of the peak), the development of woven UHMWPE fabric in the civil field has entered the fast lane, at the same time also in a certain extent to pull the demand for fiber. Woven Uhmwpe fabric used in apparel is usually 100 or 200d composite yarn with low linear density, and the fiber content is about 80%. Garment products require high uniformity of residual and linear density of harmful substances in fiber. Once the application is accepted by the market, the demand for fiber will be very high.

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