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Leno Fabrics

Leno fabrics of PP, HDPE, PA are used in composite products as reinforcing and backing fabrics to reinforce, support and stabilize the finished product.

Our leno fabrics are especially characterized by outstanding strength properties and excellent processing capabilities – a true reinforcement for your finished product.



Tear – resistant, high quality, dimensionally stable

Different mesh size, grammages, widths, weave designs

Additionally definable properties: shrinkage, UV resistance, flame retardancy

Excellent further processing properties: non-slip finish, coating, lamination


● Building & Construction Industry

Reinforcing fabric for construction sheeting & roofing membrances

Backing fabric for dimpled sheets & decoupling mats

● Packing Industry

Reinforcing fabric for steel packing, technical papers, packing materials

● Needle felts & Nonwovens

Backing fabric for needle felts & nonwovens

● Composite products & Technical Laminates

Reinforcing & backing fabric for coating, lamination


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