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High Performance Fabric
High Performance Fabric

High Performance Fabric

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High Performance Fabric

High performance fiber (reinforced) fabrics are made of high performance fiber, which is weaved by a certain rule on the loom. According to the weaving methods, the fabric can be classified into plain fabric, twill fabric and satin fabric. For some special applications, we can develop textile into special structure and functional mixed fabric to meet every single customers’ demand. Our high performance products series include carbon fabric, aramid fabric, high strength polyethylene fabric and high strength glass fiber fabric.

Carbon Fiber

It is the new fiber material with more than 95% carbon content have the characteristics of high strength and high modulus. With a mass lower weight than aluminum and strength higher than iron and steel, carbon fabric provides corrosion resistance and high modulus, making itself an important material in both national defense and civil application. As a new generation of reinforced material, it has not only the inherent characteristics of carbon materials, but also the softness for processability of textile fibers.


Aramid Fiber

The characteristics include super-high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and resistance to acid and alkali, with strength 5 to 6 times of steel wire, modulus 2 to 3 times of steel wire and toughness 2 times of steel wire. While the weight only one fifth of steel wire. They either decompose nor melt at 560 degree also enjoys good resistance and anti-aging properties.



The fibers with highest specific strength and specific modulus in the world. They are the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber produced by spinning Gel, providing excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.


The high strength and high modulus fiber, its single fiber tensile strength is 2800 mpa. Composite materials made of them are mostly used in military and bulletproof armor.

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