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GlassFibreEurope calls to protest Chinese dumping
 Aug 15, 2017|View:763

GlassFibreEurope calls to protest Chinese dumping

GlassFibreEurope, the European Glass Fibre Producers Association (APFE) and Tech-Fab Europe (TFE) have called on all actors in the glass fibre value chain to stand united in the fight against illegal trade practises by China.

According to GlassFibreEurope, Chinese dumping is a recurrent and critical issue for both the upstream, as well as downstream industries in the European glass fibre sector. “We must recognise that aggressive and illegal dumping by Chinese producers, in the end, threatens the survival of all members of the glass fibre value chain,” said Axel Jorns, Secretary General of Glass Fibre Europe.

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