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Underground double wall tank
 Oct 26, 2015|View:645

Single wall underground steel oil storage tank is easy to be corroded by micro-organisms, and the degree will be more and more serious if the tank storages liquid fuel in decades. Moreover expenses to control leakage pollution are quite expensive. How to find out and deal with issues in time has raised the public’s attention. While Double Wall Fiberglass Tank can be widely used in the oil storage and transportation field because of its advantages of high structural strength, double protection of environmental and long service life, etc.

Although the 3D Fiberglass Fabrics are available in various thickness’ ranging from 3mm to 22mm, the 3-5mm version is especially developed for the double wall tank application. The 3 mm provide a very high laminate shear and compression strength and is also noted for its flexibility on critical deflection surfaces. In addition, the flexibility of the impregnated 3mm fabric ensures a good contact and adhesion to itself and to the substrate, because it easily conforms to the contours of curved or irregular shapes.

When the 3D Fiberglass Fabric is impregnated with a resin, and fully cured, a continuous interstitial space is formed between the upper and lower deck in the laminate. The lower deck of the 3D Fiberglass Fabric is tightly bonded to the floor. It is fully bonded to the old substrate ensuring a very good delamination resistance due to an integral woven bonding between the vertical piles and both surfaces. It is a full glass fiber reinforced thermoset resin system, which means full corrosion resistance. The interstice enables an installation of any kind of monitoring devices, for leak detection and monitoring. The system can quickly and in one go be installed, which means a very cost-efficient solution.


The 3D Fiberglass Fabric is the material of choice for an integral and reliable double wall tank with a leak detection system.

The 3D Fiberglass Fabric provides:

◆ A highly cost-efficient double wall lining system

◆ Easy and quick to install with a minimum down time of the tank

◆ A very reliable and integrally bonded leak monitoring system

◆ Corrosion protection against aggressive chemical and thermal environments

◆ Secondary containment within the primary structure such as an AST or UST

◆ Extremely sensitive leak detection monitoring reducing risk of soil or groundwater contamination

◆ Extended service life and inspection / maintenance requirements

In addition, on-site production of large fiberglass tank head, Topweaving 3D fiberglass fabric could be rapidly thicked due to the convenient process, It also can reduce the comprehensive cost for outdoor production, especially in harsh condition.


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