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Composition and advantages of 3D fabric
 Apr 06, 2022|View:58

3D fabric is a solid fiberglass fabric with two layers and a middle connecting fiberglass yarn. The upper and lower layers are equivalent to 04 or 06 fiberglass plaids, forming a double layer fiberglass fabric, the height of the 3D fabric in the thickness direction is controlled by the length of the connecting fiberglass yarn, which ranges from 3 mm to 30 mm. The space structure can be designed into "x", "U", and "V" shapes according to the customer's needs. The span between connecting yarns can be designed arbitrarily.

3D fabric

Because of 3D fabricinternal stress and glass fiber yarn "capillarity principle", the fabric soaks the resin quickly, is easy to operate, has saved labor, saves time, saves the material characteristic, the comprehensive performance-price ratio is high. The 3D fabric products are lighter, stronger, and higher in weight, shock resistance, no layering, heat insulation, and sound insulation, as well as shock absorption and energy absorption because the three-dimensional structure of 3D fabric avoids resin curing concentration, better surface effect and smaller shrinkage deformation can be obtained. Compound with a flame-retardant resin such as Phenol formaldehyde resin can produce flame retardant compound products, to meet a certain level of fire protection.

3D fabric is more and more widely used in the market because of its lightweight, high mechanical strength, diverse design, difficult delamination, corrosion resistance, insulation, and rapid fabrication.

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