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Use of multilayer fabric as chemical protective clothing
 Apr 12, 2022|View:52

The safety of persons is protected when certain occupations may be exposed to hazardous chemicals in the process. We found it necessary to use the multilayer fabric as chemical protective clothing for a variety of industrial applications. We are also developing multilayer fabric to allow workers in the chemical industry to develop more comfortable and efficient protective fabrics.

multilayer fabric

The multilayer fabricconsists of a maximum of 12 woven layers or 22 warp layers and 23 weft layers (unidirectional layers). Joining can be done by the three-dimensional joining of yarns or interlocks. As a result, the fabric is more resistant to layering and can reduce the manual labor of stacking different layers together. All types of yarns can be used and combined. This combination can be of different layers with different types of yarns, but it is also possible to use different types of yarns in one layer.

To protect people from harmful chemicals, the multilayer fabric shell is made of polyester, has a low absorption rate, and carbon fiber fabrics provide higher support. The multilayer fabric provides good strength for the fabric and the polyester has good resistance to laboratory-grade chemicals. The intermediate layer comprises a spun-bonded non-woven fabric sandwiched with carbon fiber. The inner layer of the multilayer fabric is made of cotton fabric because of its good water absorption and comfort, which guarantees the comfort of protective clothing.

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