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Fire protection advantages of multiplayer fabric
 Apr 19, 2022|View:51

A fabric consisting of several layers of fabric interwoven with its own warp and weft yarns. The structure of each layer is close, the strength increases, not easy to separate, soft and breathable, strong folding resistance, weight increases. Certain requirements (such as warmth, antistatic, etc.) can be met when different yarn materials are used in each layer. There are two structural methods, one is to interweave the warp and the other is to use a special warp to bind the fabric in each layer.

multiplayer fabric

The multilayer fabricis characterized by air gaps between the layers. The main objective of the multilayer fabric is to improve the thermal protection performance of the fabric, making it more effective than the single-layer fabric. Scientific experiments have been conducted on three types of fabrics: single-ply fabrics; self-adhesive two-ply fabrics; and self-adhesive multilayer fabrics, in which the warp and weft-less interlayer connect the two outer layers. All fabrics are manufactured using flame-retardant yarns under the same technical and process conditions. In addition, the final unit area mass values for all fabrics were similar; for thermal protection tests, the single-ply fabric was double-folded. Thermal protective properties of fabrics characterized by surface temperature distribution were tested using a thermal imaging camera. Although all fabrics have the same mass per unit area, the multilayer fabric provides the best thermal protection compared to double-folded single-layer and self-adhesive double-layer fabrics.

Multillayer fabric is more and more widely used in the market because of its lightweight, high mechanical strength, diverse design, difficult delamination, corrosion resistance, insulation, and rapid fabrication.

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