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How to differentiate 3D aramid fabric
 Apr 26, 2022|View:49

3D aramid fabricis a popular fabric that is increasingly being used because of its superior performance. However, when buying a 3D aramid fabric, it is important to learn how to differentiate the quality of the 3D aramid fabric, which is prone to problems such as bulging and poor tensile strength, there are three main ways to look at it.

3d aramid fabric

1.3D aramid fabric inspection

A good 3D aramid fabric is woven from high-quality filaments, while a good 3D aramid fabric has a flat surface and is cut to make it less messy. When fired, the 3D aramid fabric should turn red and not ignite. If it is another dyed silk fabric, it may be ignited.

2. Thickness inspection of 3D aramid fabric

Low-quality 3D aramid fabric manufacturers add PU material in the middle for added thickness. We look at the bottom of the 3D aramid fabric and if the material is different from what we usually see, it is possible that the fabric, which looks the same on the surface but looks very different in the real world, is artificially thickened with carbon cloth.

3. Price comparison of 3D aramid fabric

3D aramid fabric has a complex weaving process and is made from materials that are more expensive than other fabrics, so it is highly likely that the particularly cheap 3D aramid fabric on the market is made of inferior materials or cut corners, even though it is cheap, but it's gonna cause a lot more damage.

So, when we buy 3D aramid fabric, we need to look for good manufacturers to purchase, in case we buy poor quality 3D aramid fabric.

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