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Application of UHMWPE woven fabric
 May 11, 2022|View:34

UHMWPE is a kind of linear structure thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties. UHMWPE woven fabricis a kind of macromolecule, which is difficult to process and has super wear resistance and self-lubrication, high strength, chemical property stability, and anti-aging properties.

Because UHMWPE has many excellent properties, UHMWPE woven fabric shows great advantages in the high-performance fiber market, from mooring rope in offshore oil fields to high-performance lightweight composite materials, in modern warfare and aviation, aerospace, maritime defense equipment, and other fields play a decisive role.

UHMWPE woven fabric

1. The UHMWPE woven fabric can be used to make the lining of drag bucket, bin, and chute for loading coal, lime, cement, mineral powder, salt, grain, etc., the utility model can make the powder-like document not adhere to the storage and transportation facilities, and ensure the stability and recommendation.

2. As far as defense equipment is concerned, UHMWPE woven fabric can be made into protective clothing, helmet, and bullet-proof material due to its high impact resistance and higher energy absorption than other materials, such as helicopters, tanks, and ships' armor plate, radar protection shell cover, missile cover, body armor, armor, shields, parachutes and so on.

3. In areas such as chutes, buckets, and the lining of ore chambers, where conventional nonmetal documents are used, items will thaw on nonmetal surfaces in cold, wet weather, while the adoption of woven fabric will never, thus, the unloading cost is greatly reduced.

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