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Market development of UHMWPE woven fabric
 May 23, 2022|View:28

The UHMWPE woven fabrichas been recognized more and more for its excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. It has been twenty years since 2000. The technology is mature and the market is expanding now.

UHMWPE woven fabric

The impact strength of the UHMWPE woven fabric is 1.8 times, 2.6 times, and 3 times that of glass fiber, aramid fiber, and carbon fiber composites respectively. At present, the main application field of UHMWPE woven fabric is safety protection articles, which are only used to produce bullet-proof clothing, stab-proof clothing, and bullet-proof plate, and now the market is also sinking, woven fabric of UHMWPE has also begun to be used in cut-resistant fabrics and in the manufacture of fabrics that have excellent and sustained coolness in contact with human skin, such as seat and cushion fabrics developed from these fabrics, bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase, pillow towel, and other products.

There are still some problems in the production of UHMWPE woven fabric. Because of the entanglement of the UHMWPE molecular chain, it is limited in the forming method. The previous processing can only be sintered or pressed. When a screw extruder is used, the motion on the screw is similar to the process of solid conveying and moving, i. e. the changing process of "powder semi-solid as a highly viscoelastic body", which is a typical "plug flow" conveying mechanism, there is no free-flowing viscous flow state, the material is easily blocked in the compression section with the package screw rotating together and can not be extruded, this phenomenon is also known as "Material Plug", which is exactly the use of ordinary, the most difficult problem in processing UHMWPE without modification of single screw extruder.

As demand expands and technology improves, the market for UHMWPE woven fabric has huge potential.

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