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 Oct 23, 2015|View:2553

With the rapid development of modern science and technology and its extensive application in offensive weapons, the power of anti-armor weapons is strengthening, relatively the armor shield is thicker and thicker, which will seriously affect the weapon system's operational flexibility and rapid response. Therefore, in order to improve the survival rate of weapon system in battlefield, it’s imminent develop a lightweight material with better bulletproof performance. Due to the characteristics of light weight, simple production process, excellent absorption of kinetic energy and free from "secondary- destructive effect" etc., fiber composite materials have gained more and more attention in its research and Application.


Topweaving 3D orthogonal fabric which developed by our company can reduce the lamination in composite and improve the bulletproof ability for fiber composites in multiple attack. The fiber of this fabric presents straight line without buckling which could exert it’s own strength completely. The composite material manufactured by this fabric is not easy to be layered, which improve the bulletproof capability and reduce the comprehensive cost of bullet proof material. Meanwhile, Topweaving 3D orthogonal fabric is easier to be combined with ceramic and metal panels.


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