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Wind energy
 Oct 23, 2015|View:2327

Wind power has grown with high speed for many years around the world, and composite material have achieved a great application in the field of wind power. Enlarging units capacity has become the general trend of the developing wind energy all over the world. Therefore how to reduce the weight and improve the structural performance have become the common issue in the wind power industry.

3d fiberglass fabric.jpg3D glass fabric.jpg

Topweaving multilayer woven fabric which used in parts and components made of composite material have superior performance and processing advantages, including the faster resin infusion rates and faster lamination. Topweaving multilayer woven fabric showed exceptional resistance to delamination, bringing advantages to the properties of composite materials directly, such as increased fracture toughness, improved impact resistance and damage tolerance as well as machining without edge delaminations.

3D woven fabric.jpgmutilayer fabric.jpg

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