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Light weight UHMWPE fabric
Light weight UHMWPE fabric

Light weight UHMWPE fabric

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Light weight UHMWPE Fabric

The fibers with highest specific strength and specific modulus in the world. They are the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber produced by spinning Gel, providing excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Customers choose UHMWPE Composite Fabrics when they need a low weight, high tensile strength, high modulus material for the most demanding applications.Rigid and stretch woven fabrics with UHMWPE are ideal for making lightweight but strong outdoor apparel, footwear, and accessories.


We are the manufacturer of lightweight UHMWPE fabrics,with weights ranging from 8gram/㎡ to over 300gram/㎡,and we specialize in plain weave, twill weave,leno weave and 3D-structure weave.

As we have proved, our company owns many years’ experience of industry development and production, with first-class team, technology and management philosophy, which is committed to providing customers with high quality, efficient and continuous service.

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